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Do things seem more complicated than they should be?

Are you sure about the trade-offs at the start of your new project? Still unclear about the available options? Searching for reliable Python expertise? Is it time for a rewrite of your proof of concept or can things still be build upon?

Balancing business interests and the available technology is delicate. You need to find a strategy for the realization of your vision but you don't know all the pitfalls.

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Get clarity about the path forward

Understand how to get your project done. Leverage your ressources to tackle the technical challenges efficiently. Get help fixing that one thing you're stuck on. Work with a professional that moves at your speed and focuses on understanding your environnement.

Talk to a software design and strategy expert

Benefit from a process that starts with a deep understanding of your needs and goals. You will have a video call where we discuss your project and start thinking about how it can be best achieved. The specifics of your business must inform technical investments. We will make sure you are clear on where you need to go.

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Based in Toulouse, France,
we are remote and international.

Superior talent is up to eight times more productive

McKinsey Senior Partner Scott Keller notes that « In highly complex occupations—the information- and interaction-intensive work of managers, software developers, and the like—high performers are an astounding 800 percent more productive. »

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Work directly with Wannes Rombouts

Don't deal with an army of junior developers who are figuring out the craft while working on your project. Wannes has experience helping dozens of start-ups and large organizations with mission critical projects. With a background in computer security, he has been busy in the python eco-system for over ten years.

Wannes focuses on a limited number of clients at a time. Don't let misconceptions cloud your project: Reach out as soon as you have an idea. Let's explore it together.

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Solve your problem at a fixed price

We believe you deserve clarity and certainty for your project. We will always quote you a fixed price that is exactly what you will pay. This is different from most people in our industry who give estimates that are likely to explode your budget. We take on the risk of complex projects and offer you the garantee you want.

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Python Expertise

Anywhere from handling your full-stack projects to providing expert advice on specific aspects of software design and architecture.

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Let's challenge what you think you need to get done. We work with you to make sure you do not overinvest in development time.

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We offer ongoing support to build your team's skills: Workshops, reviews, we even provide a hot-line for burning questions!

Projects Wannes is working on

In addition to working directly with clients we also contribute to open-source projects and always keep up-to-date with the ecosystem. We often work with FastAPI and GraphQL, teaching concepts like CQRS and Event-Sourcing.

One of our main interests at the moment is how to transition from a Python proof-of-concept or MVP to professional software. Speaking of MVPs, what are the trade-offs when committing to maintaing software? Can you run your experiment without any code?

Wannes is working on a book about the top 10 misconceptions he encounters when talking to founders of early stage start-ups.

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